PORTFOLIO Areas of Design


The FD Portfolio collection is the areas of work FD has recently completed. Furthermore, if you are looking for a specific graphics, logo, business card, letterhead or complete website, feel free to contact FD.

How about converting your old static website to a new WordPress site? FD has design options for converting that old static website. Or what about a new look for that old business card? Maybe a matching letterhead too? In addition, look at FD’s various design portfolios to see what else FD can do for you or your business.

In addition, maybe you’re an interior designer looking for a CAD drawing or elevations for your new client… This can be the final touch to your presentation. FD can do that too!

Finally, as we enter the new year, why not review all your existing designs… and let’s see how we can put a fresh look to take your existing designs and take you into the future. Again, take a minute to review the FD Portfolio and let FD create your next design!

Graphics FD Portfolio

Graphic design is the basis of good design. Whether a simple line, color, shape or pattern. These are the elements of design at their core.

Logos FD Portfolio

Logo design is the combination of graphics, pattern, color and typography. All these elements combine for the basis of a great logo design.

WEB FD Portfolio

Web design is the mixture of graphics, design elements, color, typography & images. All combine for the ultimate modern storyline.

Forms FD Portfolio

Form design is the blending of graphics & typography for the perfect layout. Whether, a business card, letterhead, envelope or notepad.

CAD FD Portfolio

CAD design and drawings is the mixture of lines, shape & dimension. All in total resolve the layout for each client, including floorplan or elevations.

Product FD Portfolio

Product design for the home furnishings industry and interior design trade. Including accent furniture, lighting and accessories for the home.