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Logos & Stationary


Website Design & Maintenance


Graphic Design & Logos

Graphic design and its inherent elements are in everything we use daily…whether it is your first cup of coffee in the morning or that glass of wine with dinner they all are about design elements. It is the basis of all good design. Logo design. business cards and forms are also a section of this concept which everyone needs on almost a daily basis Whether a simple notepad, business card or letterhead.

Web Design

Web design is the further blending of graphic design with logos, images, and typography for endless possibilities for each client. Add in the possibility of motion and WOW! An individual storyline for the individual or company website.

CAD Drawings & Product Design

CAD design is a separate area that I do for the interior design trade. But as with graphic design, it comes down to lines and shapes and the ultimate combination and what resolves the designer’s problem. Whether a floorplan or elevation. As a similar element of this is product design. This is where it all started, and I still love the process. And as with all the other areas I do, it is the line, color, and shape. Whether a table lamp, accent console or vase.

Frazier Design, located in La Quinta, California, is a full-service Graphic, CAD, and Website design firm. My key focus is on modern, clean and classic design, with key elements of design: line, shape, and color. With these basics in mind, any design is possible. I create visually stunning designs based on these core principles. From a simple logo for a business card to logo branding, to a complete website, I can create a new look for your company or individual project. Or are you an Interior Designer looking for a CAD drawing for presentation? Or a realtor looking for a floorplan view for your presentations? LET’S TALK ABOUT YOUR NEXT IDEA!