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About Frazier Design… My profile in design started with an interior design firm in Orange County, CA. After graduating college in San Diego, CA, I graduated with a BFA in Interior Design, at the Design Institute of San Diego. With my first work position at this design firm, I did many areas of design with the emphasis being on visual merchandising and product design. While at the same time doing more and more graphics projects. I moved in the direction of computer design, with many projects proceeded including CAD design and graphic and web design.

Toward the end of my time with this firm, I did my first website. The website was for the design firm, with emphasis on showroom design and floral design. This was a culmination of self-teaching myself the basics of website design. What a learning curve that was! At this point, I realized web design was what I really loved to do. As I continually advance my knowledge base, there is always more to learn. I continue to expand my knowledge base to this day.

With several websites under my belt, I love the learning process as I continually absorb more and more information. As an extension to the web design path, I now have done a couple of WordPress sites as well. This is another learning path that I find very rewarding. There are many advantages to the WordPress ecosystem. In addition to graphic, logo and website designs, I also do CAD drawings. This is primarily for interior designers for their clients, whether a floorplan or elevations. These are essential tools for the interior designer.

All these paths have the common denominator of layout, design, and color as their basic elements. It is these building basics that are the core of a successful design, whether a website, graphic, logo or floorplan. From the initial design concept to the final design, it is the journey. The process of design is always exciting.

Principal designer at Frazier Design with over 30 years experience in the interior and visual presentation fields.